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We help people with consumer product invention ideas at all stages of design, development, patenting, manufacturing, and sales and distribution. Since 1999, our mission is to turn great invention ideas into successful businesses. We give inventors the highest probability of success.

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Our Process

We’ve spent over 15 years gathering knowledge, perfecting the back-end processes, and hiring only the best-of-the-best in the field. We tailor a unique solution to every client depending on the type of product and many other variables. As such the specific strategy will be unique for each invention, however most of the projects follow the same underlying MAKO 3-step process:

Research & Design

We take your invention from that idea in your head to a fully-designed and engineered consumer product. Exactly as you envisioned it combined with our expertise and advice.

Build, Protect, Source

Our fabrication shop works with manufacturers to develop functional prototype(s) of your product so that we can protect it through a patent and for use in generating interest from potential buyers.

Sell & Make Money

The goal here is to grow your product into as many stores and buyers as possible so that it can become as big of a success as can be, and of course with some hefty profits for you as well!

"Full-service product development firm for inventors"


We’ve pooled all of the essential development services required to take an idea from your mind to the retail stores, all under one big roof, and all streamlined together in our simple and effective development process.

Design & Prototyping

Our award-winning product design team provides you with innovative, cost effective, manufactureable, and marketable industrial design solutions for your new product. MAKO’s Prototype Development is the highest quality for the lowest cost. Our fully-functional professional prototypes are 95 to 100% exact versions of your final off-the-shelf product.

Manufacturing & Logistics

As a company that deals almost entirely with proprietary products and inventions, combined with our vast experience in a wide range of technologies, and our knowledge of international intellectual property protection, we are very well suited to handle even the most complex of your manufacturing needs.

Sales & Distribution

Helping you get onto Store Shelves – This is where we really rise above the competition. We have networks that sell or licence consumer products to all major retailers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We also have a strong distribution, wholesale trading, and licencing network for commercial and industrial products.

Patenting & Ip

There are a number of solutions and strategies that we can work with you on to reduce the cost of I.P. protection, expedite the protection process, and ensure the best strategy in developing your technology. We provide Provisional Patent Pending applications along with recommendations and referrals for complete IP Protection solutions, depending on the best solution for your situation.

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The MAKO Difference

Our entire company revolves around the exclusive goal of turning good ideas into amazing businesses. MAKO Invent's staff, partners, vendors, manufacturers, advisors, even the owner Kevin Mako, are all required to believe in this goal more than anything else. As a result, Mako Invent has built an unsurpassable structure to help inventors. Here’s why:

"MAKO develops more products than any other firm in the country"

Our Work

Our team has built a wealth of experience from creating hundreds of product companies over more than 15 years. Here are dozens of examples of people, just like you, who came to Mako for help on building their idea into a successful business.


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Industry & Academic Partners

MAKO works with the best and biggest innovation, entrepreneurship, and product development organizations in the country.

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Meet the Team

A great company is built through great people, which is why we only bring on the best. Not only are our staff the best in their career fields, but also the best in all of our 5 core values: Quality, Commitment, Inspiration, Creativity, and Collaboration.

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Director of Design

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"Our Entire Vision: To turn good ideas into amazing businesses"

Core Values

We deeply believe that a company is no longer considered great simply due to profit, but defined as Great by being a leader in positive impact, social responsibility, perpetual improvement, and adding real and tangible value to clients.


Produce top quality from customer service to the final product. MAKO Invent makes top quality our number one priority.


Always deliver effective and honest value to the client.


Not only our team aspire to inspire, we encourage inventors to find their inspirations in pursuit of their what if ideas.


One-of-a-kind company with unique approach to each product design.


Working as a team, including a client as a part of a team, to achieve the best final designs.



Here at MAKO, your service needs are our top priority. With our industry expertise, we can help you reach the next stage of your project.

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