Welcome to Mako Invent, We help Inventors see their idea through to fruition


We have a complete new-product design and development team downtown Toronto, fully-certified and Canadian-managed manufacturing facilities in Canada and China, and invention distribution and sales networks all over the world.


Our award-winning product design team provides you with innovative, cost effective, manufactureable, and marketable industrial design solutions for your new product.


When developing a prototype, we utilize our facilities in Canada and China to create a fully functional, real manufactured sample of your product. Everything that we do in this step is geared towards developing a product that functions and looks almost exactly like the final retail-ready product.


We are a Canadian-owned and managed corporation, operating fully certified manufacturing facilities in China and Canada. Our facilities are able to mass manufacture your product to your exact specifications.


Helping you get onto Store Shelves - This is where we really rise above the competition. With products in almost all major retailers and a full service invention design and prototype shop for inventors, it is actually quite easy for us to get into the doors of the big buyers for you.


Don't waste your money on elaborate patenting and legal services offered by many law firms. We provide Provisional Patent Pending applications along with recommendations and referrals for complete IP Protection solutions, for a fraction of the costs of other avenues.

Make Your Ideas a Reality

For more than a decade, Mako Invent has been helping inventors put products on the shelves. We can assist you with every step of the innovative process, from design and prototyping, to distribution. Our headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario with manufacturing facilities in Canada, the United States, and China. We also have a comprehensive sales team in place across the globe. If you are ready to take your idea to the next step, we can help!

Our Process

The knowledgeable Mako Invent team can help get any product to market. Your idea can be a sketch on a napkin, or a detailed concept ready for manufacturing; we help inventors through all stages of the product development process. We understand the importance of confidentiality, and will sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure your protection and peace of mind. Afterward, we will:

  • Review your idea and analyze pertinent details
  • Meet with you to discuss your idea
  • Provide advice on how to move forward

Our staff is incredibly thorough when assessing new ideas, so you can be sure we will examine and consider all potential directions when it comes to your idea.

Getting Started

We have a simple process, designed to progress your idea right away.

1. Design, Development, and Research

We can take any basic designs and information you already have, and create an advanced computer-aided design (CAD). We understand that your budget may be limited, which is why we offer the lowest design costs in the industry.

2. Create a Prototype

Many of our clients choose to create a working model, regardless of whether they decide to license a design or not. A good prototype can increase your chance of marketing success, be it for a firm or distribution. Combining North American quality with low cost production in China results in a high quality, low cost prototype. This design will be almost an exact version of the retail-ready product. We can then source our supply chains to get your invention manufactured.

3. License or Sell Your Work

If you prefer to abstain from distribution yourself, you have the right to license or sell your design to a firm. Mako Invent can help you through this process by filing a provisional patent on your behalf. This will protect your design from being stolen by a licensor. We do, however, recommend that you still build a prototype, as it enhances your chance of success.

Get Started Today

The most important aspect of any great idea is being able to take the initiative to do something about it. At Mako Invent we are happy to help you take the first step, and assist you through any other stage of the process. We offer tools like our Free Invention Guidebook, and help you create prototypes that are showcase ready. For your free consultation, call our team today at (888) 806-6256. Happy inventing!