New-Product Distribution, Sales, and Licensing

Helping you get onto Store Shelves – This is where we really rise above the competition. We have networks that sell or licence consumer products to all major retailers throughout North America, Europe and Asia. We also have a strong distribution, wholesale trading, and licencing network for commercial and industrial products.

We really rise above the competition

With products in almost all major retailers and a full service invention design and prototype shop for inventors, along with manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia, it is actually quite easy for us to get into the doors of the big buyers for you. Think about it from their shoes… Product distribution and sales companies, major retail outlets, big-box stores, infomercials, licensing companies, etc. get from us a constant supply of innovative products – So when we come knocking, they will listen. In fact, we get calls daily from product buyers asking us what next hot product we have coming through the pipeline. If you design, prototype, and/or manufacture your product with us, we will help you with distribution for free. If you already have a product and want some help, let’s work out a deal!


Thanks Mako Invention, and Thank you for all your hard work in launching the Lunch Caddie, I really appreciate your efforts, and I would like you to know that I will be moving into my next project soon. My second idea is even better. Look forward to working with you on future projects. Thanks again.Daryl D., 12V Heated Food Container Inventor